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Our Projects

Residential Project

The Trivedi's Residence

Our client had a clear vision for their space - they desired a minimal design with elegance, particularly emphasizing the living room to be welcoming. They requested a subtle color palette and a wow factor that would make guests feel instantly at ease. It was important to them that every detail contributed to creating an inviting atmosphere while still maintaining sophistication. Achieving this balance required meticulous attention to design elements and careful selection of furnishings, resulting in a space that met our client's expectations perfectly.



Our client, wanted an exquisite look for her salon, so she gave us a space with dull colors and was extremely particular about her requirements, including the fact that she wanted Purple to be the main color because she believes in astrology. She desired a spa, a hair cutting counter, and a waxing station. Here's what we came up with for the space.

4 Bhk residence

The Patel's Residence

Our client provided us a four-bedroom apartment and was quite specific about his needs; he wanted a well-designed space and, because he lives with his parents and sister, he wanted us to take their needs into account when building the area

The Bafna's Residence

A client came to us with a three bedroom apartment. They wanted a durable design. This space is designed for a family of five with three generations living together.
Our clients love color, therefore project was designed with a love of color in mind

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